Business code

Business code


What is R&M’s idea of a socially responsible business?

Our ambition is to create an Employees’ company , where the business’ code of values can become a common good for all those who want to embark on a path of life and professional growth for themselves , for the company and for the society that surrounds us.

We believe our main responsibility is to people mothers and fathers and everybody uses our products and services. In meeting their needs, everything we provide must be of high quality, constantly endeavor to reduce our costs maintaining reasonable prices and promptly and accurately services to our Customers.

We are responsible to our employees, the men and women, who work with us BUT everyone must be considered as an INDIVIDUAL . We respect their dignity and recognize their merit giving them the sense of security in their jobs meanwhile compensation must be fair and adequate and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. We are careful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities.

Our Employees shall be feel free to make suggestions and complaints and our policy is aimed to guarantee equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those individuals. We must provide competent management , and their actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We encourage civic improvements and better health and education for the whole society. We maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources of our Planet. Reserves must be created to provide for adverse times. Our final responsibility, but not for importance, is to our stakeholders.

Operating accordingly to these principles, the stakeholders should realize a fair return.


Corporate Social Strategy

Corporate governance, adopts a widespread leadership at the first hierarchical level and a “customer centric” business model, purely oriented towards achieving the expected value sought by the customer. “stakeholder and people engagement” is an attitude expressed in the company’s genetic code. It is aimed at the involvement, motivation and team coaching of the staff at all company levels, to enhance the professional growth, the sense of belonging and the performance of each collaborator.

R & M Strategy S.r.l. its objective is to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the main dimensions of success, adopting socially responsible behavior, aimed at integrating social and ecological concerns. Therefore, it has a coherent Corporate Social Strategy and is in line with the virtuous paths of innovation and technological development that it intends to promote and implement. Among the objectives is the use of the competitive advantage deriving from the study of future market needs to anticipate the evolutions, leading statistical and predictive analyzes, oriented towards the proposition of pioneering solutions and able to maintain the accent on the distinctive effect: “added value” that the customer perceives from the services offered.

To realize its mission it also makes use of an organizational model and an ethical-value code, whose application is monitored and implemented by professionals who are competent in the subjects that represent the company’s core business.


“Measures that drive performance” to translate strategic objectives into tangible goals and actions

Starting from this assumption, shared by Management Team, welcomes the idea -last April 2018 -of experimenting a project of a customized Balance Scorecard to work, aiming to test the model of governance and measurement of company performance and review the progress and the project itself accordingly to the formulated hypothesis. Instead to have myriad operational and physical measures for local activities with a solely “bottom-up” approach, the scorecard’s measures are grounded in an organization’s strategic objectives and competitive demand.

A limited number of critical indicators within each of the four perspectives serve to focus R&M’s BSC system as the focal point for the organization’s efforts, defining and communicating priorities to managers, employees, investors and even customers. We are in experimentation stage and the Management is consciously aware that it will be reviewed, implemented or reformulated. But one thing will be sure during this process, the Management wants to emphasize a process view of operations, motivate it’s employees and incorporate client feedback into its operations. As well, develop a consensus on the necessity of creating partnerships with key Customers, the importance of order-of-magnitude reductions in safety-related incidents, and the need for improved management at every phase of multiyear projects.

Design stage x

Completed at the end of August 18, produces important deliverables:



Strategic map of the company



Business units for which to define individual plans



KPAs and KPIs on the 4 different perspectives identified



Cause and effect relationship for the individual KPIs

The BUs that are identified as the first ones to pick out KPAs and KPIs are:



Commercial Operations






Installation of products/services



Staff areas


Each of us is responsible for acting ethically

Our Code of Business Conduct (Code) is a summary of how we do business with an engagement to integrity. By following this Code, you will ensure that your business activities and decisions support R&M Strategy’s value and principles.




The awareness and the explication of our values allow the organization to ensure that the internal structure, the policies and the organizational culture reflect and support them, in line with the company’s vision and mission.

The identification and diffusion of the values of the company allows, on the one hand, the individual who works there to position themselves to the best within and fully explain their potential; on the other hand, to all interested stakeholders, to understand strategies, processes and dynamics from the outside, as the result of a well-defined value base.

Working with passion means having a strong intrinsic motivation for us. the driving force is the pleasure and satisfaction that one feels when performing one’s job. The desire to excel defines our ambitious identity, allowing us to grow, not only to achieve a work goal, but to build our life project.

We need to set goals and have the will to work hard. One must have self-confidence and think flexibly, learning to consider the obstacles and failures of learning and growth opportunities, both personal and working. It is necessary to have the ability not to surrender in the face of difficulties, to persevere with purpose and determination the objectives set. The tenacity has a positive impact on the group, acts as a spur and stimulus, especially if conveyed by a common and shared purpose.

We must be aware of the rights and merits of others, of the importance of each person’s moral and cultural value.

It needs to have the ability to “see”, and even more, to know the other. This is a principle that requires strong intentionality and must be lived with coherence. Respect, correctness and sincerity are fundamental generators of value within our organization.

A transparent management model implies that all decisions are addressed with all the company staff in charge. All decisions are discussed and made available to all the actors involved. Trust is the cardinal principle of excellent work environments.

It derives from the credibility of management, from the respect recognized to employees and the extent to which they believe they receive fair treatment. The degree of pride in the organization, the level of sincerity of the bonds and the camaraderie between employees are further fundamental elements.

Acting methodically and doing one’s job well, respecting the commitments undertaken, maximizing one’s social reputation and creating value for the company: competence and promptness in carrying out one’s tasks and above all the ability to achieve goals through the use of indispensable resources.

Having a good work ethic means not being happy to have a mediocre approach, even if you have the right skills, but rather to commit yourself to achieving the best that you can personally do and give. Being responsible for us means engaging and obliging ourselves to fulfill the tasks that we assume for the goal of commitments, results and quality.

Processes must be re-evaluated and constantly improved to provide better service to customers; to contain costs and timing and to become more competitive. Our company policy is based on involvement, training and development aimed at motivating our employees, to encourage them to give their best contribution to the achievement of corporate objectives.

Establishing interpersonal relationships is important for the formation of the subject and for learning to live with the right balance independence and belonging to a group. We are promoters of the absence of obstacles to the participation in the company of each individual for reasons related to gender, religion and belief, race and ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual or political orientation.

Innovative projects represent the company’s core business. They are well rooted at the top, in the organization and involve everyone from the beginning of their experimentation. Being creative, then, becomes essential to fairly combat competition.

Moral integrity is reflected and manifested in behavior consistently characterized by correctness values and virtue, loyalty and politeness towards others. Integrity expresses certain values, but it is implicit: it means to be integral and authentic. The values are put into practice directly with the actions, without adhering to norms that come from above.

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