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Engineering R&M approach each project with seamless processes that link engineering, procurement, fabrication, material management and construction or erection. Our goal is to deliver safe, efficiently-managed, cost-effective projects that meet client requirements. Our engineering services include conceptual design, economic analyses, feasibility studies, process design, piping stress analysis, front-end engineering and design (FEED), detailed engineering, project [...]

Erection of structure, equipment and piping

Erection of structure, equipment and piping We have built our reputation on the safety, quality and schedule performance we bring to our projects around the world. We construct our projects using consistent tools, systems and standards to safely deliver superior results even in the most challenging environments. Our comprehensive portfolio of projects across the industries [...]

Maintenance on existing industrial plant

Maintenance on existing industrial plant Maintenance is the practice of protecting or restoring equipments/components in order to maintain function and integrity. As a critical component of an asset integrity management (AIM) program, maintenance engineers and technicians dedicate time to developing and implementing maintenance strategies that optimize production and use cost-effective maintenance techniques. Typical maintenance techniques [...]

Noise mitigation system

The noise pollution is a crucial aspect in the selection and construction of manufacturing plants. Our system are designed to block the free flow of sound waves.

Pipe and Structure Fabrication

Pipe and Structure Fabrication Piping fabrication is a critical activity on any oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals or any other construction projects where piping networks are required. It is necessary to ensure maximum quality of work in this activity to ensure proper functioning of piping network and minimize accidents. Pipe fabrication is actually the process [...]

Procurement and supply chain management

Procurement and supply chain management Certainty of supply requires thorough planning, realistic timetables, reliable expediting, a network of high quality suppliers and an understanding of the sourcing market. At R&M, global experience and long-term relationships are the basis for our procurement strategy. Our in-depth understanding of international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow [...]


The most important preventive measures are training and education, proper selection of equipment, and proper use of equipment.

Supervision and assistance in commissioning and start-up for new project

Supervision and assistance in commissioning and start-up for new project R&M’s management has decades of experience in pre-commissioning, mechanical completion checkout, commissioning, startup and initial operating activities and can provide its own background and knowledge to prepare each unit to achieve a smooth start-up. From participation in proposal development and risk assessment through final performance [...]

Thermal insulation

Properly maintained insulation systems represent an excellent investment – save money, protect the environment and people that work on site!

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